Media, Culture, and Society

Media room

Course Abstract

Winter 2010 –┬áCOMM 1B
Professor: Fred Turner

Few social forces are more powerful or more ubiquitous than the American media. From the movies to the news, across the airwaves and the internet, images and sounds swarm our everyday lives and clamor for our attention. Recently, thanks to digital technologies, even ordinary citizens have joined advertisers, politicians and other storytelling professionals in making materials for mass distribution. More than at any other time in American history, we live immersed in media.

This course aims to map that immersion and to equip you with the analytical tools to inhabit it critically. We will examine the structure and regulation of the media industries, the roles of producers and consumers in the American media system, and the impact of new technologies and globalization on the mass media. By the end of the course, you should have a solid command of core theories in contemporary media studies and a sharp analytical scalpel with which to dissect the claims of contemporary media makers.

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