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I co-direct Stanford’s Poetic Media Lab, a digital humanities lab in Stanford’s Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis. I co-founded the lab in 2013 with Amir Eshel, while I completed my PhD in Stanford’s interdisciplinary program in Modern Thought and Literature.

I grew up in a rural community, Big Sandy, MT and for my undergraduate degree majored in English  at Montana State University. After teaching middle and high school for a few years while getting a master’s endorsement in library and media science from MSU, I had the good fortune to nab a Rhodes Scholarship.

At Oxford on the Rhodes Scholarship, I received two masters degrees, one in medieval literature, (focusing on the Crusades and religiously-inspired violence) and the second in cultural anthropology, (focusing on cultural memory and the Middle East).

My current research asks how people in the U.S. and Middle East today engage with narratives about the past, especially how the medieval Crusades have been represented and used after 9/11. I am also interested in the digital humanities, and am the co-founder and project manager for a project called Lacuna.

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